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Steve Henderson Fine Art
May 6, 2014
Art and Life -- They Go Together
Along the Salmon River: The Story of this Painting

Along the Salmon River -- Original Oil Painting -- 11 x 14 -- Available

The Pacific Northwest is filled with hidden areas. Years ago, homesteaders with dreams, aspirations, and the willingness to work hard, settled in canyons, along rivers, atop plateaus, and amidst meadows. Some of the these places still exist, as working farms, ranches, or simply residential homes.

But many of these places have been abandoned, with an outbuilding, or a root cellar, or -- as in this painting, Along the Salmon River -- a barn, the silent reminder of children playing, adults resting after a long day's work, dogs barking, and livestock grazing.

We never pass these places without wondering, "Who lived here? What did they do? And why did they leave? Where are their descendants now?

"And did they fulfill their dreams?"

Because that's what the Pacific Northwest is filled with: the dreams of people who came out here for a better life, new opportunities, a chance to be more independent and in control of their future. These desires, and these people, still exist today, as thoroughly modern man and woman look about their cubicle and ask themselves,

"Is this it? Is this all there is to life?"

No, my friend, it isn't. Life is a gift, every breath unexpected and ungenerated by our own power and will. As humans, we are made in the image of our Creator, and the reason we feel frustrated is because, deep within all of us, is a desire to DO something with the life we have been given, to make a difference, somehow.

It doesn't have to be a huge difference, the kind you see propounded in movies. We could grow tomatoes, very good tomatoes that have no spray or chemicals on them, and sell them in the farmer's market, content to know that we have provided good food to someone, and we did it with the labor of our hands.

But we want to know that there is meaning in what we do, something beyond generating profits for nameless, faceless people who care about us only because we can be part of their corporate business plan. This desire is why Steve paints, and Carolyn writes -- we have gifts we have been given, and we want to use them for good.

Along the Salmon River is a reminder of the strength and determination of the human spirit. The barn is abandoned, we know, but the person who built it, and the family who lived there, made an impact in the time and space that they were given.

We honor their hard work, their memory, and their dreams by pursuing our own.

Along the Salmon River is an original oil painting available for purchase at Steve Henderson Fine Art. Like all of Steve's paintings, it celebrates life, beauty, joy, hope, and peace. There are plenty of people out there painting gloomy art -- Steve chooses to use his gift for good.

Please contact [email protected] for information on Along the Salmon River or any of Steve Henderson's original and licensed fine art paintings.

Critiquing Art

Lady of the Lake -- Original oil painting available -- also available as a licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas, iCanvasART, and

Whether you are a collector, an artist, or both, it's time to start thinking for ourselves, and recognize that we all have the intelligence, acumen, and ability to critique art, as opposed to relying upon others to do it for us.

Carolyn's article at Fine Art Views, Who are YOU to Critique Art? encourages readers to do just that, and to unabashedly exclaim, "I like this piece! I don't like that one! And I have the right to an opinion!"

As a regular columnist for Fine Art Views, Carolyn looks at the world of art -- making it, selling it, and buying it -- and propounds her view of the right of the individual to make his or her own decisions. You can find a list of Carolyn's FAV articles here.

You Don't Need a New Phone

Dancer, original oil painting available; also available as a licensed open edition print at iCanvasART and

Technology's great, but there's a tendency to push people into buying the latest gadget, when the previous gadget is only three months old. This is a circle that never ends.

Steve and Carolyn encourage you to make art a part of your life -- put something on your walls that won't be out of date before your next birthday. Steve's original paintings are reasonably priced, and he offers interest-free purchase plans of up to one year, so that clients can fit a special purchase into their budget.

Steve also offers a selection of his works as licensed, open edition prints at Great Big Canvas, Light in the Box,, and iCanvasART -- many of these works are available for less than the cost of a new phone.

Technology changes. Art is permanent. Make art part of your life.

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