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Steve Henderson Fine Art
April 22, 2014
Art and Life -- They Go Together
Homeland: The Story of this Painting

Homeland 1 -- original painting sold; licensed open edition prints available at Great Big Canvas, iCanvasART, and

Some of those old sayings get uttered so much, we no longer hear what they're saying,

"Home is where the heart is," is one of them. Perhaps we say it so much because it's true.

For Steve, who has traveled and lived throughout North and South America -- on the back of a bicycle, in a bus, on foot -- home feels distinctly more so in rural areas. Meadows, trees, grass, an unfettered view of the sky -- surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature, Steve is at his happiest.

And yet, nature is not in a vacuum, and adding to the depth of these rural areas are the people who live in them. Many of these people derive some or all of their living from the land on which they live, and the time they spend coaxing a grafted fruit tree to "take," or weeding a garden bed, or clipping chicken wings so that the birds don't fly into the tomato patch and decimate it, is time spent thinking, observing, breathing in good air, and listening to the subtle sounds of daily life, far from madding crowd.

Too often today, the term Homeland is used to express a sense of patriotism to a nation, or to our notion of a nation, but our Homeland is more than rhetoric. Our Homeland is just that, the land where we live -- freely, we hope -- love our family, grow our gardens, and pursue the gifts and talents we have been given, free from despotic control and regulatory dominance.

Such freedom is not, or ever, to be taken for granted, and if we are to enjoy the Homeland which we have been given to live in, we must be constantly vigilant to maintain and uphold those freedoms.

Homeland 1 is one of a series of three paintings, the originals of which have been sold. They greet visitors of a large medical center, and it is hoped that the serenity and peace they extol comforts the hearts and minds of those who see them.

Homeland 1, as well as Homeland 2 and Homeland 3, are available as licensed, open edition prints at Great Big Canvas, iCanvasART, and

Please contact [email protected] for information on Promenade or any of Steve Henderson's original and licensed fine art paintings.


Child of Eden -- Original Painting -- 24 x 20 on panel -- licensed open edition print at iCanvasART and

Steve is excited to announce that a generous selection of his fine art paintings are available as licensed, open edition prints at iCanvasART, one of the largest online suppliers of fine art, print on demand, licensed work.

Steve is always happy to find additional venues to place his art, because he believes that fine art belongs in everyone's home and life.

Welcome, Spring!

Blossom -- original oil painting -- 36 x 24 on panel

Steve would call spring his favorite season of the year -- because it's colorful, ever changing, dynamic, and full of hope -- if he didn't find beauty in all of the seasons of the year.

But we are now in spring, and Steve and Carolyn wish you the best of a beautiful, exciting season, full of promise and joy. Blossom, above, celebrates the feeling and the emotion of new life and new hope, a message it sends to the wonderful collector who purchased this work.

We invite you to look at Steve's original oil paintings and licensed open edition prints, and see what image of spring -- or summer, autumn, or winter -- will decorate your walls and your life.

Feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] with any questions you have about an artwork.

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