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July 15, 2013
Bold Elegance in Fine Art	 
Art Ability: Innate, or Learned?


Lonesome Barn
original watercolor -- 10 x 14 -- $325 unframed (that is a spectacular
price for an original), $425 framed

Steve Says:


"It amazes me how many people want to draw or paint. Age makes no
difference; I talk with people as young as 8 and up to the century mark
who confess to a burning desire to create art, as if it were a secret
that they are embarrassed to let others know about.


"A frequent question they ask me is this:

"Do I have to have a special gift to do art, or is it something that
can be taught, and learned?"


"Yes. And yes.


"In the same way that some people are natural mathematicians, or
musicians, or speakers, athletes, or scientists -- gravitating toward
these fields because they have an innate aptitude for them -- some
people are natural artists. How good they eventually get at their art
depends upon how much they train and practice. When we watch the
Olympics, we understand that the natural abilities of these gifted
athletes have been honed by thousands of hours of literal sweat.


"But just because we don't strive for the Olympics doesn't mean that
the rest of us avoid basketball or skip ice skating. So it is with art
-- if you have a desire and a craving to learn art, then you can learn
art. You may not make a living at it, but there is nothing stopping you
from plunging into watercolor and steeping yourself in oil paint (not
literally, please).


"Just like the natural, however, you need training. Don't let anyone
tell you that you don't, and recognizing that there are basics to learn
will save you hours of frustration in the future.


"And speaking of the future, a short way into it I will be posting on
my website,, Video Sequence Tutorials of
artwork that you can follow and learn from, whether you are a rank
beginner or a seasoned intermediate. Based upon actual workshops that I
teach, the Tutorials will be available as DVDs and downloads, and will
be as reasonably priced as a book.


"If you've been dreaming about painting something for your wall, you
don't have to dream much longer. Let's make this a reality."



Real Life Writing

 Thoughts from This Woman Writes, Steve's Manager and Mate


Real life involves space and freedom and running and trying new things
and . . . writing. The more we do anything, the better we get at it.
Wild Child -- original
painting, signed limited edition print
 , inspirational poster
 , and open edition licensed print



"One of my son’s favorite — and unanswerable — questions through the
years had to do with Algebra and higher math.

'When will I ever use this?' he asked. 'And if I never use it, why do I
have to learn it?'


"I never did come up with a good answer for that one, having
successfully made it to seasoned adulthood without dredging up my high
school trigonometry.


"But I did understand his frustration of devoting time and mental
energy to a task for which he saw no purpose. Algebra isn’t the only
subject our children wonder what they’re going to do with some day."


Read More at Real Life Writing


New Watercolor


Purple Iris
original watercolor -- 15 x 9 -- $325 unframed, $425 framed

With the new Sequence Video Art series in the works (please see the top
story), Steve will be offering, for an extremely attractive price, the
watercolor artworks that are featured in the art series.


Priced at $325 for the unframed original, the paintings are a great way
to jump into the original art collection market. For those who want the
complete package, we offer the watercolors framed as well.


Available so far in the collection are

Purple Iris

(immediately above) and Lonesome Barn
image in the top story), which will be the first two art images
featured in the upcoming Sequence Video Art Series.


If you have questions about any of Steve's artwork, or the upcoming
Sequence Video Art Series, please write us at
[email protected]



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