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Steve Henderson Fine Art
May 13, 2013
Bold Elegance in Fine Art
Chickens Don't Do That. Or Do They?

Indian Hill -- Original Oil Painting -- 20 x 24

Steve Says:

"From everything our son, the family expert on chickens, has read, certain breeds go broody and hatch chicks, and certain breeds don't. Our son went out of his way to track down and purchase something called a Sicilian Buttercup, which is apparently the perfect chicken, except that it doesn't go broody.

"As Carolyn recounts in her article, Chickens, Dishwashing, and Keynesian Economics, apparently all the best sources of information aren't necessarily the best sources, because our two Sicilian Buttercups, which aren't supposed to go broody, hatch chicks, and be decent mothers, have gone ahead and done all that.

"It's always good to keep an open mind. It's also good to not be discouraged from a project or way of doing things because everyone around you tells you that it can't be done.

"That's generally people's first response, you know. That it can't be done. It doesn't matter what "That" is, the only thing that's certain is that it can't be done.

"The next time you hear that, just say to yourself, 'Sicilian Buttercup.'"

Mother's Day Is Never Over
 Thoughts from This Woman Writes, Steve's Manager and Mate

Madonna and Toddler -- original oil on canvas -- 30 x 20

"So what do you get this woman, who loves you just because you are who you are, who isn’t afraid to tell you that you behaved rudely back there, but in the next breath gives you that look that makes you feel safe and panicky at the same time?"

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Two Summer Workshops

Homeland 3 -- Original Oil Painting -- 12 x 24 -- Sold

Oil Painting Workshop -- Painting Colorfully in Oils -- June 27-29 at Arts Alliance in Sandpoint, ID. $265 for three days. Register directlyt through this link --

Watercolor Techniques Workshop -- July 20-21 at Larson Gallery in Yakima, WA. $200 for two days. Register through this downloadable form --

Western Art Association Auction

Ladycamp -- oil on canvas -- 12 x 24

If you're in Ellensburg, WA this May 17-19, drop in on the Western Art Association National Auction and make a bid for Ladycamp, Stonework, and the two miniatures, Eyrie and Spirit of the Canyon studies.


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