Some "Loose Ends" I'd like to tie together
Sent: 3/11/2019 12:21:49 PM


Tying up some "Loose Ends" Loose Ends Loose Ends I love creating paintings that leave the viewer scratching his or her head, wondering, "What exactly is this supposed to mean?" Such is the case with my latest work, which is aptly named, "Loose Ends". First time you see it, it may simply look like a painting leaning against a wall of a dog on a beach, staring out at the ocean with a shoe and a ball of yarn in front of the picture. But, wait. Is it a picture or is it a mirror - because both the shoe and the ball of yarn are reflected in the image. Yet even that's not right - because the ball of yarn that's in front of the picture actually leads into the picture - and isn't really a reflective image at all. Take a closer look and you'll see that the dog isn't just staring out at the ocean. Well, maybe he is. But he could also be looking at the two swimmers out in the waves, perhaps waiting for his master to come back in. These are all things to think about. Or you can just as easily dismiss them and just take in the colorful palette and enjoy what is probably the finest shoe I've ever painted! If you're confused by the imagery, good! Boggling the brain and creating story appeal is something that I've been trying to do with all the paintings I create. And recently, I feel like I've been on somewhat of a roll with work that continues to startle, now going back probably 10 or 15 paintings. You don't know what's going to come next. And I like that. I recently went to an art gallery show where one of the featured artists was painting the same basic idea, over and over and over. He would change his color palette, but other than that, it was just more of the same. I hate to say it, but I feel that his work fell into the, "Well I could easily do that" category. But he's the one with the gallery showing and I'm the one looking in from the outside, wondering what it takes to make that connection. Slowly, I'm getting closer to that goal. My work is beginning to get noticed. This Friday night, I'll have two of my paintings in a juried exhibit at The Soulard Art Gallery here in St. Louis. Not a big deal as I've been in several of their shows before but it's still fun to be a part of it all. In June, I'll be the featured artist at The Renaissance Hotel up by the airport. I'll have about 10-14 of my paintings on display the entire month of June and there will be either one or two meet and greet nights where I'll be inviting people to drop by and say hi. The coolest aspect of the show just may be the giant message board they have that faces Highway 70 where two of my paintings will be shown on a rotating basis along with my name and show info. The board is about 20 feet wide by 40 feet high with amazing graphic clarity. I can't wait to get a few pictures of that! There's still more news to come that is going to help showcase more of my artwork. I'm hoping that soon, I can tie those loose ends together. But until I know for sure, I'll just keep on painting and trying to get better. Thanks for reading! If you know anyone who you think might enjoy these overviews, please pass this along to them and invite them to sign up for my free newsletter . Also, if my prices are keeping you from purchasing anything, know that you can order prints of my work, as well as get my artwork put onto a variety of items like iPhone covers, pillow throws, tote bags, greeting cards, coffee cups, shower curtains and a wide variety of other items by visiting my other website on Pixels. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram to see work in progress from start to finish! Sent from: {{FASO_DOMAIN}} {{AM_COMPANY_NAME}} {{AM_COMPANY_ADDRESS}} {{AM_CSZ}} {{AM_COUNTRY}} Artful Mail by FASO Learn More about ArtfulMail unsubscribe from this newsletter