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55 months ago 
It was fun to treat this old theme after 25 years. I tried to make it spontaneous by balancing finished and unfinished passages--I never seem to get water right!
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don hatfield 55 months ago
New Work.
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59 months ago 
Oak Scan by don hatfield

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70 months ago 
Art Scan 677 by don hatfield
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76 months ago 
Image034 by don hatfield
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Posted on 5/9/2010 1:53:14 PM

Posted on 2/8/2010 12:53:14 AM

After 40 years of oil painting I am weary of self promotion or promotion from any source for that matter.  There are many pages of Hatfield Bio on the web that may be of some historical interest, but they do not reflect who I am or what I am doing today.  If you are really curious about me, then please visit the "Blog" feature on this web site--I update this daily so it functions as a living bio.   I was a contract painter for an art publishing company for almost two decades, and they handled everything regarding the promotion of my work from 1987 through 2004.  Dozens of articles have been written about me, and images of my paintings have appeared in all of the major trade journals--sometimes on the cover (see "About the Artist").  My work has been displayed all over the United States and throughout Japan.  Sometimes my images show up on TV and in the movies, so I assume that I have works in a few prop departments.  My collectors come mainly  from Asia, Europe, and the United States.  I have not kept thorough records of this stuff, and have no current interest in compiling one.  The company that represented me effectively blocked any contact between me and my collectors  for 20 years.  Offers have come and gone, but as of  2010 there are no books on Don Hatfield.  There are, however,  teaching videos and free YouTube oil painting lessons along with a film clip that you can sample on this web site: see "Video Trailers" and "Film Clip". The  images gathered for this web site  will give anyone interested in my work an idea of what I have done and what I currently do.  If you care to do business with me, then, by all means, [...]

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