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 Barney Levitt's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago
I love your paintings.

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 Timothy C. Tyler's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago

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 Terri Taber's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago
Beautiful color pallet. Love your artwork.

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 Susie Gordon's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago
Love your watercolor painting of cows. I have Been doing plein air and love moving subjects. Cows are fascinating to observe and paint. From observation one can learn so much from a field of cows. Never knew how protective they are of one another and especially calfs. Amazing to watch. Fantastic job capturing the natural spirit of the cows.

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 Tom Christopher's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago

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 Lee Copen's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago
Like this

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 Daniel Albers's  Artwork 
Lori Sweet 9 months ago
Love this


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Jacksonville, Florida - 904-305-9979

Jacksonville, Florida - 570-905-5765

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Lori Ann Sweet
Jacksonville, Florida - 904-638-3734

St Augustine Art Association
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     Thirty years ago I sat in a classroom and was asked to make a list of things I was interested in. The list consisted of four words, people, art, landscape, and wildlife. Those four words would be the subject matter for the next 30 years of creating. Although the progression is often a surprise and unexpected I am still continuing the same subjects today. As if to say I never could get pass the common interest that tells my life's journey.  It is my belief that all people have a story to be told. All artist have experiences that differentiate from one to the next. The challenge and excitement discovering new ways to create their stories and tell a story is what drives me to create even more. At times the artwork can be humorous while other creations appear to be in a dream state.  As an observation we, everyone has different interest and life experiences. What is so intriguing in art is the approach and personalities that shine through a painting or drawing.
     I accredit my education, knowledge, and conviction from the School of Visual Arts, NYC, NY, MFA and BFA Program to engage in the arts and gain a greater perspective in Illustration and Fine Arts.  The foundation of my formal training prompted a life time career in illustration and as an  educator for higher institutions. 
 Recently my husband and I retired and moved from the North Eastern  Pennsylvania to Northern  Florida. Currently I am involved in plein air painting. Many of the paintings seen on the site are of recent paintings done on location. My focus has been on landscapes. However, they are redundant as a subject matter so I find myself working from life at the Jacksonville Zoo, and historical locations. Fascinated with the southern [...]

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