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David Thompson Commented
 David Thompson's  Artwork 
David Thompson 25 months ago
Frans - thank you!

David Thompson Commented
 David Thompson's  Artwork 
David Thompson 25 months ago
Thank you very much Brenda!

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 Jan Finn-Duffy's  Artwork 
David Thompson 27 months ago
I did one of the barn at Slaughter Pen as well! It has unfortunately fallen down now but was to the left of this farmhouse.


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My name is Dave Thompson.  ProSpark Studio started out of a drive to create.  The name is a derivation of the word "pro" meaning "first" and "spark" like the spark of an idea, or the beginnings of creativity. ProSpark is the origins of creativity for me, the excitement of starting something new, the elation of the unknown.
I have always enjoyed creating. I find that if things in my life start to get out of sync, it drives my need to create. Even as a child, I found this to be true. If I was bored, I often felt guilty for not taking the opportunity to create something. I have explored many different types of art over the years from wood carving, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, cold glass, warm glass and glass blowing.  All of them are opportunities to develop something that can be beautiful and sometimes functional.
Growing up, I was often fascinated with art - particularly cartooning.  I loved the dry humor of Berkeley Breathed and couldn't wait to read the next Bloom County or Garfield on Sunday.  I took that enthusiasm and cartooned and sketched throughout high school and started my own comic strip in college called "Mr. Effort".  He made semi-regular appearances in the Collegiate Times at Virginia Tech.  The name stuck and has been my online moniker ever since.
After college, I continued to expand my learning by learning stained glass at a local hobby shop.  That lead me to learn warm glass and to purchase a glass kiln where I learned traditional stained glass painting techniques.  Following that, I took classes with a hot glass artist in Richmond, VA and at the Corning Museum of Glass where I learned glass blowing techniques.  While I still love glass, renting the glass studio became too costly to maintain.  That lead [...]

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