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'Nysted, a Danish pearl', 'The illuminated figure' and 'Danish woodscapes'

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Lesley Mackenzie 27 months ago
Pushing colour to extremes 😉


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Galleri Lolland
Maribo, Lolland, Denmark -

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Skovlunde mangrove summer
Posted on 2/23/2018 8:28:26 AM

I am living and working in Brighton UK and spend much of my time in Denmark.
My career has spanned 38 years in figurative fiction illustration which has given me the grounding and discipline needed for new painting projects.   
Nysted, a Danish pearl.
My second home is in Nysted, an historic harbour town about as far south as possible in Denmark.  Nysted is surrounded by forest, natural coastline, farmland, flat landscape and lots of sky.  It is a place of much beauty and therefore is very inspirational for a painter.  My work in progress is a collection of paintings from Nysted and it's surroundings.  
The illuminated figure.
The human form has also been a focus of my work and has developed into this collection of enhanced figurative paintings.  I am painting the nude from life and embellishing with gold and silver leaf in the studio, breathing light into the negative space, lifting the traditional into the contemporary.
Danish woodscapes.
Away from the figurative and realism, the Danish woodscape paintings are a play with colour exaggeration, textural painting with knife and brush, an attempt to capture a flavour of the beauty in this natural environment that I have been fortunate enough to explore.

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