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I have done a lot of commission works for various collectors.

Art is a vision we share through the eyes of the beholder.

No two people see a painting the same way. Most pieces are a conversation of a person's life, loves and great memories. I take time to see the view that the collector is wanting.

I see them as stories. With every painting that you see there is a back story to the art.

It may have been inspired by a poem or a short story but there is always some thought that inspired the art.

View my work on here but if you'd like to read the writes that inspired the art visit my web sitehttp://artinthewordsgallery.weebly.com/michelle-reids-gallery.html

I would love to hear what story you saw in my work. Email me anytime. I will roll out the welcome mat.


Art in the Words Gallery
Arlington, Texas - 817 412 0627

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