Mary Detwiler


I am a self-taught pastel artist who fell in love with drawing the moment I picked up that first crayon. I am passionate about both art and animals. Dogs, cats and nature have always been an integral part of my life and my artwork. I draw realistic animals in all types of natural backgrounds, some real, & some touching on the surreal.  My goal is to capture the dog or cats face, character and emotion, while giving the viewer a tiny glimpse of the animals' perspective through my paintings.

I enjoy painting all types of dogs & cats from the champion purebred to the mixed breed I meet at the dog park.  Every dog or cats' face has its own story to tell.My paintings have been featured on "The Today Show" with Kathy Lee & Hoda, presented by Lauren Sydney, shown at the Lancaster Museum of Art, as well as sold across the United States, Europe, and as far as Australia. 


I currently live in Bradenton, Florida with my family, which includes Jake, our kind, handsome, beagle,  Nico, our adorable mini dachshund/terrier mix, and Meisha, our beautiful, sometimes wild, black & white cat.

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