Janine Salzman

Contemporary Impressionist Painter





"Art opens your heart to the beauty of every day life."~Janine Salzman 

To share this truth with you through my paintings adds meaning to my life and hopefully the life of others.



Janine Salzman was born and spent her formative years in the exotic Tunis, Tunisia, in North Africa. Inspired as a child by the mingled sights, sounds, and flavors of the French, Arabic and Sephardic cultures of this Mediterranean seaport, she knew at the age of 9 that she wanted to paint the beauty that surrounded her.


Later in Paris where she attended secondary school, she discovered and was captivated by the great French Impressionist masters such as Cezanne, Monet and especially Van Gogh.Finally in Los Angeles years later as a young wife and mother of two daughters she found herself liberated, back in Mediterranean-like sunlight and now exposed to the strong plein air painting tradition of nineteenth and twentieth century California. Now she was determined to follow her dream. She dedicated every moment she could to painting. After fifiteen years of disciplined hard work and over 40 workshops taught by international contemporary masters such as Jove Wang, C. Hartley, J. Mendez, she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a professional artist.Her rich and varied background, her great love of color and her talent are all evident in her impressionistic paintings which are currently featured in the permanent collections of  the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, and in numerous private collections across the country. In addition she has been recognized by her peers with numerous awards for her plein air landscapes, still lives, figures and portraits.


Art critic Brian Sherwin, Editor of The Art Edge, commented on artist Janine Salzman's seascape and landscape paintings  stating:  "I can see why Janine Salzman has garnered acclaim for the beautiful scenes that she has captured in paint. She is able to masterfully capture the essence of these moments in time -- drawing viewers in by acknowledging the scenic beauty of our world."



MEMBERSHIPS:California Art ClubOil Painters Of AmericaAmerican Impressionist SocietyLaguna Plein Air PaintersAWARDS| Art Shows Juried Exhibitions:

2018. Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush October

2018. Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush  September

2018. Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush  March

2018  Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush January

2017 Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush November

2017 Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush October

2017 First Place Southern Calif Plein Air Painters

2017 Top 15% Favorites Bold Brush March

2017 Best Of Show The Heart of OC show at Chemers Gallery


2016 Best & Brightest "Chickens"

2016 Socalpapa Honorable mention and Artist Choice awards

2016 Chemers Annual Juried show Honorable Mention

2015 San Clemente first place for portrait of The Farmer.

2015 Top 15% Bold Brush Competition



2014 Chemers Viewpoint Show Honorable Mention

2014 San Clemente Public Choice award

2013 San Clemente Show 2nd Place award

2013  Juries into  Laguna Plein Air Painters best of Plein Air show2013  Best and Brightest Scottsdale Show,  "Moro Bay Harbor"2013 Juried into OPA First Salon Show,  "Cate"2013 Salon International, "Catalina Glow"2013 Juried into American Impressionist Society, " Catalina Glow"2011 First Place MVCC   juried by Sebastian Cappella "Iceberg Roses Too"2010 Ray Mar Finalist Honorable Mention Award “Tangerines”  2009 San Clemente Plein Honorary Mention Award Laguna Alley   2009 American Impresionist Society, Honorable Mention "Eveining Glow"  2009 Salon International Top Fifty Award "Are You Talking To Me" "Quiet Harbor"2009 California Art Club @ The Blinn House Juried Exhibition “Iceberg Roses Two” &  “Sundown Catalina”

2009 Salon International Greenhouse Gallery Juried Exhibition “Megan” Oil (9x12) “Evening Glow”  "Braids” 

2008 Beverly Hills Affair In The Garden Show

2008 Pelican Beach Resort Newport Beach  Six pieces Purchased Permanent Collection

2008 Two Women Show Icehouse Gallery BA

2008 Ray Mar Juried Exhibition (Sept.) Top Twelve Finalist Sept. “Mendocino” Oil   “Megan” Oil 2008 Ray Mar Juried Exhibition (Nov.) Top Twelve Finalist  ‘Iceberg Roses Two” Oil 2008 Ray Mar Juried Exhibition (July) Top Twelve Finalist Sept. “Docent Tour” Oil 

Gallery Representation:

Mission Fine Art Gallery

Scene Gallery

Chemers Gallery


Artist Studio Gallery
SJC, California - 949.310.5649

Chemers Gallery
Tustin, California - 714 731 5432

Mission Fine Art Gallery
San Juan Capistrano, Calif - 9492917738

Scene Gallery
Newport Beach, California - 949-720-3939

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