Learn to Paint Snow Scenes in Watercolor

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About Brienne Brown

Nationally recognized watercolor plein air painter and instructor, Brienne Brown, has received many awards, been featured in several publications, and holds signature status for the National Watercolor Society. Her training in both science and art create her unique ability to analyze, break-down, and explain her painting process. Also, her infectious passion for watercolor makes Brienne an excellent teacher. She teaches workshops all over the country, but you can start improving your paintings with Brienne today! Watch this video often for continued learning and inspiration.

What You'll Learn

  • Brienne’s thought process in creating a unified, strong painting.
  • How to simplify a complex scene, connect shapes, and build strong values from a more successful painting.
  • How to approach painting snow scenes with watercolor by negatively painting around the light areas.
  • To paint the light, you must paint the shadows.

Full Video Length: 02:36:31

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