Learn to Paint Portraits Alla Prima

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About Anna Rose Bain

Anna Rose Bain is a fine art oil painter and commissioned portrait artist based in Denver, CO. She has been painting professionally for 15 years, with teaching experience since 2011. She is actively involved in local and national art communities, and has won numerous awards for her work. She continues to draw the attention of national and international collectors. As an instructor, Anna’s sell-out workshops and standing room only painting demonstrations are a testament to her ability to connect with artists from all backgrounds and help them take their work to the next level.

What You'll Learn

  • Overcoming the fear of working from life
  • How to quickly map out facial proportions
  • How to easily mix beautiful skin tones
  • How to create soft edges and transitions
  • The simplest ways to fix mistakes

Full Video Length: 02:01:16

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