Learn to Paint Gorgeous Aerial Views with Mark LaguŽ
in the Comfort of Your Own Studio!

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About Mark Lague

Mark LaguŽ is an internationally recognized impressionist painter who honed his skills working for over a decade in the animation industry as a background designer and art director. Mark first achieved notoriety for his spectacular watercolor landscapes and his reputation has only grown since made the switch to painting in oil as his primary medium in 2000. Mark is known for crafting immersive and panoramic city landscapes like Ponte Vecchio Light that capture the essence of a locale simply and masterfully. Now you can learn Mark's secrets in this informative video!

What You'll Learn

  • How to lose your fear of starting a painting
  • How to be bold and loose in your painting
  • How to consider the importance of value
  • How to see shapes and not objects
  • How to mix colour on the palette and right on the painting surface
  • How to use alternative tools; knives, colour shapers etc.
  • How to paint in oil with transparent washes
  • How to control edges

Full Video Length: 00:46:16

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