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Global POD Default Pricing

Print on Demand by FASO Beta (USA, Canada and Mexico only at this time)


Example of the Print and Frame Shop that will be added to your site:

By particpating in FASO's Print on Demand program, you agree to the following terms:

1. You must enable ecommerce and accept payments with STRIPE on your FASO Website
Please do so if you haven't already. Note - we require all Print on Demand customers to accept payments with Stripe and will not be supporting Paypal for Print on Demand payments after February 2022. This simplifies the accounting and the split for both your and for FASO.

2. The end purchaser is your customer.
Customers who purchase prints and frames from your website will be YOUR customers. When they make a print on demand purchase, they will be charged by you via your Stripe account and you will be the merchant of record. This is great for your long term marketing because you will have the contact information for each buyer.

3. You are FASO's customer
After the end customer pays you, FASO will charge to your account our fees to fulfill the order. We will make this charge before fulfillment begins. You will keep the difference as your profit.

4. FASO will handle fulfillment, shipping and notifications
As your fulfillment partner we will send receipts and notices to you and to your customer on your behalf. When the order ships to your customer we will send shipping tracking information as well.

5. You will provide a sales tax permit certificate for your state
Since you are the merchant of record, any sales taxes due in the state where you reside are (as will all sales from your site), your responsibility. Please provide your sales tax permit number and a copy of your sales tax permit certificate at the link at the top of this page.

6. Sizes and Formats
FASO will calculate six print sizes for each image you wish to offer in print. These will range from small to large, aproximately 4x6 on the small end and 30x40 on the large end. The exact sizes will vary for each image offered. We automatically calculate the sizes for each image to prevent having to crop an image. The formats offered include prints on paper and on canvas with a full custom framing option available.

7. You will provide feedback
In exchange for access to this beta program, you will provide feedback and suggestions regarding issues, bugs or recommendations on how the POD feature may be improved upon.

8. USA, Canada and Mexico Only (at this time)
You understand that our Print on Demand offering will only work on sites that sell in US Dollars (USD) and shipping is only offered in the USA, Canada and Mexico (this is a limitation of our provider).

9. Pricing

a) You will determine the amount you wish to be paid for each image for each printed size.

b) You will always be paid at least as much as you specify in item a.

c) FASO will add 5% (with a minimum $5 fee) + a base shipping fee of $13.50 - $27.00 (depending on print size) to your price to cover our fulfillment service, support, and all or much of the shipping.

d) If the user adds a custom frame, FASO will also rebate to you 5% of the frame price. This increases how much you can make from each sale, and, to our knowledge, we are the only POD provider sharing a portion of the frame sale with the artist.

e) FASO transaction fees on Print on Demand items are different than other items. Normally, these are changed based on your plan level. We reduce the FASO transaction fee to only .5% (half a percent) on POD orders.

f) If the user purchases multiples of the same item, and the actual shipping amount is less than the shipping charged, you, the artist, will receive the difference as additional income.

g) You can see an example of the fee and net payment to you, the artist by clicking this link.

10. Fulfillment Time
Orders generally take 5-14 business days to be fulfilled. Print-only orders take less time (approx 5 business days), orders with frames take longer (10-14 business days).

11. Returns
If the artwork has a quality issue or damage (meaning defective quality such as printed wrong size, extreme color problems, damage on frame) a no charge replacement can be ordered. In the case of damage, our print on demand supplier will need photographs of the damage from the customer to approve a no charge replacement. In the case where the customer simply doesn't like the product, our supplier will not accept returns in that case. Of course, even in the case where the customer simply doesn't like the product, you may choose to work something out with the customer, but it won't be able to be returned for credit in that case.

12. Cancellation Policy
We have a No Cancellation policy for print on demand orders. Due to the expediency of the printing process, once the order has been submitted for production it cannot be cancelled. Please see the exceptions under Returns.

Get Started

1. Provide Your Sales Tax Permit Info (This is required.)

2. Click Here to be sure you have enabled Print on Demand

3. Make sure you have ecommerce enabled and Stripe connected to your FASO account.

4. Setup Your Default Pricing
You can set default prices for convenience that can be enabled on each artwork you choose to offer under Print on Demand. Don't worry, you can also override these prices on a per-artwork basis.

5. Enable Print on Demand on Each Artwork
Go to each artwork in your portfolio that you wish to offer print on demand service for. Next to each artwork you will click the link that reads "Print on Demand Options". On that screen you will be able to enable/disable POD for that artwork, upload a different resolution image (if needed), choose the sizes you wish to offer, and set different prices for each size (or use the default prices).

6. Click the "Print and Frame Shop" link next to each artwork to see how the process of ordering and framing a print will look to your customers.

Below is an example of what that screen looks like:

7. A "View Available Prints" button will be added under each artwork for which you have enabled Print on Demand. Clicking that button takes your site visitors into the Print and frame shop for that artwork.

Below is an example of what that button looks like:

8. Have fun and may you have many sales!