From Catherine-Mother Nature Is Right on Target
Sent: 3/3/2011 9:32:25 PM

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Dear all,

Wow we have had an interesting start to March 2011 with winds, rains, snow, sun and Rainbows.
Yes Lots of rainbows. Is that a good omen?  Last week my granddaughter and I saw 6 rainbows
in one afternoon. What a special day that was!

Wishing all of you an incredible March filled with fun, joy, the start of spring gardens and hope
for the beginning of another great year.The show at Mercer View Gallery on Mercer Island the
first of the year was a great success. Thank you all who purchased my artwork and those who
came to see the show. 

Peace Prayer Wheel based on the Tibetan Prayer Wheels, but with embossed copper with
world words of peace.

Just want to share what is happening this month. If you live in the Portland Oregon area or
know people who do, please pass on this flyer.  This is the most organized show with over 90
artists from the NW. I am delighted to be part of this show and have a lot of my Peace Prevails
Artwork for people to view and purchase at Celebration of Creativity in Beaverton OR.  Click
here for the complete brochure:


Also This Month there is a celebration of the  Beach with Beach Themes in Cannon Beach.  
Just sent a Beach Kimono down for this celebration. 

Mini Kimono #37- Beach Theme 

For more information about Dragonfire Studio Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR, please go to:

This is one of my very favorite pieces that is on its way to Dragonfire Studio called Mother of Pearl #9-
This series was inspired by the beauty of  abalone shells. My intent was to create artwork that felt like
one just found a treasure under the sea. There are over 100 layers of paint and resins on metal over a
gently curved surface on this piece that has pearls embedded into the layers. 

Hope you will stop these shows and say hello to my artwork. 

Thank you all for being in my life. It is such a joy to share with you the creative process.

Sincerely,Catherine Foster
[email protected]